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Material Specification, Guarantees and Colour Options

For your peace of mind HAGS SMP’s high quality product specification means we can offer extensive guarantees on the equipment we manufacture. Our guarantee certificates will be supplied with any quotation or upon request; alternatively you can download them from the links below. The information below details our specification and guarantees for each type of material we use.Our in-house manufacturing sites in Selby, North Yorkshire (UK) and Aneby, Sweden give us complete control over the quality of materials used, the long guarantees we can offer and the ability to offer alternative colour options.

Engineered pine timber

Sourced from Scandinavian forests, our FSC-certified pine timber is incredibly strong and resilient. It is mainly used for structural parts such as loadbearing posts and panels for our multi-play modular units, swing frames and some of our park and urban furniture collections.

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Mild Steel

Mild steel is the primary material used in our products. Our steel is sourced from a UK supplier direct to our UK factory, this reduces the impact upon the environment through unnecessary transportation. Before we begin manufacture, approximately 30% of our steel has already been recycled. All mild steel sections are formed from structural grades and are blast cleaned prior to colour coating.

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Stainless Steel

Our stainless steel is carefully selected from suppliers who use specialist workshops  to prevent contamination of the steel during the manufacturing process. All sheets (to make slide chutes) are manufactured from 2mm thick material in a high quality grade: 304 S16. All weld joints are ground smooth and polished to create a continuous surface.

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HPL boasts oustanding resilience and requires very little maintenance. It is primarily used for multi-play units panels and side panels for springers and seesaws.

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Anti-wrap Swing Bearings

These are available to order for our Olympic Swing range. They allow unrestricted, free movement of the swing seat while eliminating costly visits to unwrap swing chains from the cross bar. They also increase the life of the chains and associated connecting parts.

Joints and Fixings

All our hardware is either stainless steel or zinc plated steel fixings to prevent corrosion appearing. All fixings utilise an anti-tamper ‘torx’ style head to prevent vandalism through removal of fixings. We never use plastic fixings on jointing components as durability is considered to be low and the cost of spare parts high.

Polyethylene and ‘Ekogrip’ Usage

Panels are manufactured from sheets of high density polyethylene (HDPE) to a thickness of 19mm. This material is especially formulated by ‘co-extrusion’ to provide a material that cannot splinter or delaminate and to give the best possible colour stability and UV resistance. Graffiti can be easily wiped away using a mild solvent to keep maintenance costs to a minimum.

Recycled Material

Ekogrip is a recycled polyethylene based material, 18mm thick, incorporating an additional 2mm textured top ‘grip’ layer. This makes it very suitable for step treads and platforms.

Coatings and paint finishes

Our powder coating system is fully automated and our ‘Extra Life’ finish is certified by Akzo Nobel. Thorough tests on HAGS SMP equipment components have been carried out resulting in a life expectancy of over 10 years in “urban and industrial atmospheres with moderate sulphur dioxide pollution”. For coastal areas, which have higher air salinity, we offer and recommend our optional galvanising zinc coating beneath the colour finish.

Please Note: Cosmetic issues such as minor scratches or dents are not covered by our guarantee and we recommend that any damage caused to the paintwork should be repaired promptly to prevent the onset of corrosion.


Functional Steel strength

30 Year Structural Playground Equipment Guarantee Medal

Play Equipment

  • Functional strength of structural steel on static play equipment carries a 30 year guarantee.
  • Functional strength of structural steel on dynamic play equipment carries a 15 year guarantee (e.g. Titan)
  • Failure due to rot on pressure treated timber carries a 10 year guarantee.
Download our Play Equipment Guarantee (pdf)
Lifetime Structural Playground Equipment Guarantee Medal10 Year Arena Duo Guarantee Medal

Multisports Equipment

  • Functional strength of structural steel on our Arena Multisports carries a lifetime guarantee.
Download our Arena Multisports Guarantee (pdf)
  • Functional strength of structural steel on our Arena Duo Multisports carries a 10 year Guarantee.
Download our Arena Duo Multisports Guarantee (pdf)
10 Year Outdoor Fitness Moving Parts Guarantee 25 Year Structural Playground Equipment Guarantee Medal

Adult Outdoor Fitness Equipment

  • Functional strength of structural steel on our Adult Outdoor Fitness carries a 25 year Guarantee.
  • Demountable moving parts carries a 10 year guarantee (e.g. Shafts, Spindles etc).
Download our Adult Outdoor Fitness Guarantee
5 Year Colour Coating Guarantee

Finishing guarantee

  • Colour powder coating finish onto steel is guaranteed for 5 years (due to faulty materials or finishing processes).
Download our Approved Applicator Certificate from AKZO Nobel

Consumable parts

Parts such as swing chains, roundabout bearings, steel core ‘rope’ nets and springs are guaranteed against failure for a period of 2 years.

Quality Accreditation

ISO 9001 NQA Logo

HAGS SMP’s quality is certified to:

  • ISO 9001 - Quality Management Systems
  • ISO 14001 - Environment Management Systems

Download our ISO Certificates:

Download our ISO 9001 Certificate

NQA ISO 14001 Download our ISO 14001 Certificate

Please Note: HAGS SMP equipment must be maintained in accordance with HAGS SMP maintenance and inspection schedules. A fully detailed specification schedule is available from our technical team.

Colour Options

We offer our steel products in a number of colour options. If you wish to select your own colours for a truly unique and bespoke project our factory will manufacture these to order for you. There is a small surcharge for this bespoke service to cover the handling of your special order. You can select from our in-stock colour options as shown here:

Black Colour IconAnthracite Colour IconTitanium Colour IconSilver Grey Colour IconForest Green Colour IconAquamarine Colour IconApple Green Colour IconLime Green Colour IconArena Blue Colour IconZingo Blue Colour IconLilac Colour IconWarm Yellow Colour IconRed Colour IconWhite Colour Icon